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On the other hand, Alex, being an unwanted child decided to carry out his vengeance plans against his biological father by becoming extremely successful. These two lonely souls finds solace in each other, and despite their age gap and social differences, prove that anyone can be bound in friendship. But their special friendship grows into an unlikely romance. After the sudden cancellation of Haram lit.

Forbidden which was shelved due to controversies and sensitivity issues involving Islamic faith, GMA Network management decide to come up for a new project making use of the same cast.

South China Sea: Philippines can force Beijing to follow international law, US warns

Borrowed Moment in early October The network's Drama Department found the concept interesting, since it is "unusual" for a local drama serial to discuss that kind of concept. The title was later changed to Pahiram ng Sandali. The series has five main casts fixed cast being Lorna Tolentino , Dingdong Dantes , Christopher de Leon , Max Collins and Alessandra de Rossi ; with eight prominent supporting characters.

Tolentino was cast as Janice, a married woman who fell in love in a much younger guy — Alex which played by Dantes. video: STAR named Newspaper of the Year by Manila Rotary

On the other hand, Dantes expounds, "Words will never be enough to articulate the beauty of Pahiram ng Sandali as an artwork". Teen actress, Kylie Padilla was originally cast as Cindy, but later backed out due to its "far too adult" contents for her age and would require her to do very sensitive scenes that will put her in conflict with her Muslim faith. - The Filipino Global Community

Collins took over the place left by Padilla as Dantes' second leading lady. The producer hires Maryo J. He has done many films with some of the senior stars of the cast except for Dantes who he works for the first time for this series. Mario Bautista of Journal reviews: "Max Collins got praised particularly for that scene last Wednesday when she went to bed with Dingdong and he realizes that she's still a virgin. Director Maryo de los Reyes really handled that delicate scene quite well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Philippine television series.

Dingdong Dantes Lorna Tolentino. Manila , Philippines Calatagan, Batangas , Philippines.


In this issue, which direction should our unity go? The Philippines is also divided into different sectors, 14 recognized by the government through the Social Reform and Poverty Alleviation Act , which includes farmers, women, the youth and the urban poor. Should we allow the continued proliferation of malls and condominiums in the city to the detriment of the urban poor or should we grant preference for the latter? Theoretically, malls and condominiums could increase the tax base of Local Government Units and allow them to provide better social services but that would mean demolition of housing and dislocation of the urban poor.

The converse would mean a lost in economic opportunity. The good Pres. Duterte does should not be denied. I personally know of no one who actively denies the good done by the Administration.

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But if the President, and Mocha, is serious about defending democracy there must always be room for dissent, for calling out blunders, and constructive dialog that does not resort to name-calling or online bashing. Our different upbringing and experiences allow for different ways of thinking.

Different government projects and actions have different impacts on economic classes and basic sectors. When dissent is dismissed, or worse, violently silenced online or offline , our common desire for prosperity and freedom cannot come to fruition. Democracy is not defended when dictators are buried with honors and human rights advocates are threatened with death. Let me end with one piece of truth: We are not all middle class, we do not all share same values nor do we all view reality from the same lenses.

This means decisions made for the country should be made collectively instead by one person, alone.

This requires adherence to certain normative principles for democracy to flourish. This includes the responsibility to diligently avoid misinformation, to take time to process complex realities, to not resort to dangerously simplistic beliefs, and to approach conversation without the desire to inflame the situation.

  • Female filmmakers rule the roost in QCinema’s 60-title lineup.
  • WikiLeaks - Sony Archives;
  • Pugad Baboy - Wikipedia.

People in positions of power who are serious in their desire to improve the lives of their fellow Filipinos need to abide by these principles. PS: Simplistic, in this post, is in no way used in a derogatory manner — not an insult, merely a description.

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