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How the day of the month you are born defines your personality: Numbers that add up to your destiny

They become good advisors, good speakers and diplomats. They love travelling to foreign places. All people born on 3,12,21,30 of any month belong to No. I can explain No. These people are self confident, dignified, disciplined, ambitious and successful.

Birthday Number 24

They expect respect from all. They love their family. They do not go for unnecessary talk or arguments. They get political success and become good leaders. They will be in top positions wherever they are employed. They are straight forward and frank persons. If planet Jupiter is not well placed in their chart, they become an egoist, irresponsible and selfish. All people born on 4,13,22,31 of any month belong to No.

They break the rules and create new trends.

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Due to this attitude, they take wrong decisions at sometimes and meet with failures. They should refrain from listening to themselves with wrong advices.

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They become successful in their endeavours. They have speculative tendencies. They have to face some dangers from enemies. They can adapt to new situations very well. Flexible and adjustable nature can be seen in these people. Due to this nature, they will succeed in their endeavours. They love to travel.

They are prone to nervous tensions. They are fond of clothes, jewellery, perfumes and fashion accessories. They love fine arts like dancing, music, acting etc. They keep their surroundings beautiful. These people are well attached to their families. These people are attractive and have curly hair. They strive hard to get name and fame. They are affectionate and talkative people. They will often change their lifestyles. They are affectionate people.

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They love to travel to different places. They show interest in spiritual and occult sciences. They become famous and popular persons. They are simple and calm.

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They work hard to reach their goals. Some are social reformers. They are good at executing their duties. On the negative side, if planet Saturn is not well placed in their horoscope, they become dishonest people.

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They may cheat others and do all fraudulent things. They are independent and aggressive in nature. In disputes they lead a reasonable argument and do not use any dishonest methods. Despite their sense of tact, when it comes to the important things, they speak boldly regardless of the social status of their opponents. People of this Number are expressing themselves openly and directly, they are able to make the others feel their sincerity and determination. They may talk about many things, but anyway finally they will bring the conversation to the important subject.

They are trying not to communicate with those who are not interesting to them. The ability to feel other people makes them compassionate, kind and gentle. They love beauty and harmony. They have everything to achieve their glory and success. Work for the good of others brings them material and spiritual satisfaction. In their lives there may come a lot of situations to test their patience and determination.

Depression and frustration may lead them to a defeat.

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Peace of mind and will, honesty and loyalty to their own ideas will always lead to the victory over any circumstances. These people are very ambitious and carry out their plans for life bravely. But the defeat for them is quite depressing. They are very smart and usually make a good academic career. Their capacity for administration and organization is phenomenal, and it is very effective. All this makes them lucky in life. These people have deep and long lasting emotional attachments. They have a lot of romantic feelings the influence of Number 2 and they need spiritual communion.

Dreaminess gives their spiritual life a shade of stardust and moonlight, which further strengthens their attachment. They like to completely romanticize the object of adoration, it makes them deeply satisfied. These people are very sexy, but may sometimes suffer from a complex of Number 2 and it causes them some difficulties in expressing their wishes.

They may believe that their desire is a somewhat shame and showing it - is a weakness.